Jewellery Care

Jewelry is very precious, and it needs full care from time to time. The care will protect your jewelry for the year to come and maintain its charming and beauty. While every piece of jewelry looks beautiful, they can end up looking faded and may lose their shine if not cared for well. If you want your jewelry to look as good as new, How to Care for your jewelry Tips are here.


Keeping it looking good

  1. Take off your jewelry before you perform any sports.

  2. Gently clean your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth to maximize the shine.

  3. Sort out your jewelry whether it is imitation, pearl, gold, and silver so that you can use different methods for cleaning them.

  4. Ask your local jewelry maker to inspect your jewelry regularly for any damage.

  5. Regularly polish your platinum and silver jewelry to avoid tarnishing.

Know What To Avoid

  1. Try not to expose your jewelry to everyday chemicals such as hair products, cosmetics, perfumes, or direct sunlight, as they are likely to damage them.

  2. Avoid getting beaded or threaded pearl jewelry wet, they may lose their sheen.

  3. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on jewelry.

  4. Don’t use silver ‘dip’ cleaners on jewelry.

  5. Do not try to clean damaged jewelry, the problem can get worse.

Diamond Care

Diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, but they are not indestructible. While they can be cut or polished only by another diamond, a hard blow can cause them to chip. Never wear your diamond jewelry when doing rough work, So here are some quick tips on how to clean a diamond to ensure yours never look lackluster:

Tips on Caring for Your Diamonds

  1. Always remove diamond jewelry before taking a shower: Soap can quickly cause a layer of film and further build-up to occur, dulling diamonds over time.

  2. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your diamond: Remove from the cleaner and brush it with a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any leftover dirt. Take extra care to brush the back of the diamond as this will be the area that has collected the most oil and dirt.

  3. Remove diamond jewelry when applying creams: Avoid wearing jewelry while applying the cream to ensure it doesn’t get behind the diamonds or between the prongs, causing a build-up and dullness.

  4. Don’t use harmful infection: Chlorine or abrasives should never be used when cleaning diamonds, especially those set in jewelry. These erode some of the metals often used in diamond settings and may loosen prongs, or even dissolve the metal completely.

  5. Be cautious with an ultrasonic cleaner: While these devices are excellent at removing dirt and grime build up on diamonds, the vibrating fluid they create can also cause diamonds to move and loosen in their clasps.

Gold Care

If your jewelry is worn every day, it comes into contact with a lot of dirt and takes a fair few knocks and scrapes. This is why it’s a good idea to follow these simple tips to keep it safe and clean, to ensure the gold medal lasts and lasts.

Tips for Taking Care of Gold

  1. Leave jewelry in a safe place when going swimming or using a hot tub: Chlorine isn’t kind when it comes into contact with gold and can discolor and even damage the metal if it is regularly submerged

  2. Never use toothpaste to clean gold: Toothpaste is an abrasive substance, designed to keep your tough teeth enamel clean; on gold, it can cause a great deal of damage if used often.

How To Clean A Ring

  • Method 1: Knowing Your Metal. Identify the ring's metal. You may know that the ring is yellow gold, white gold, silver, or brass. ...

  • Method 2: Cleaning Rings with Toothpaste. Find some cheap toothpaste. Make sure that the toothpaste contains baking soda and fluoride. ...

  • Method 3: Try rinsing with water. If your ring is stained with dirt, dead skin, blood, lotion, food, or other grime, try rinsing it with water.

How To Clean Necklace

Add a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of club soda. Choose sodium-free club soda or seltzer water as salt may damage the jewelry. The carbonation in the soda or seltzer helps dislodge grime from the necklace. Put a few drops of any mild dish soap (free of dyes, perfumes, and moisturizers) in the club soda, then agitate the liquid to mix it up. This should lift any dirt or residue and once removed also wipe this over with a clean cloth – remember to be extra careful if you have a fine chain.

How To Clean A Earrings

  • Method 1: Sanitizing with Hydrogen Peroxide. Wash your hands to avoid spreading more bacteria.

  • Method 2: Washing Earrings with Hot Water. Wash your hands before you start. Washing your hands beforehand ensures.

  • Method 3: Deep-Cleaning Gold, Silver, and Stones. Clean diamonds with dish soap and warm water to avoid.

How To Clean Bracelets

  • Method 1: Rinse the bracelet with water and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Method 2: Cleaning paste: Add equal parts lemon juice and baking soda to make a cleaning paste.

  • Method 3: Use the paste to clean the bracelet by rubbing it gently with your fingers, a cloth, or an old toothbrush.

  • Method 4: After the bracelet is satisfactorily clean, rinse it and dry it with a soft cloth.

Some Tips for Jewelry Storage

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures & Humidity: Don't store your jewelry in a drafty cold closet or a hot and stuffy attic. Store your jewelry at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

  2. Choose a Jewelry Box With a Soft Lining: There is a lot of hard plastic and wooden jewelry organizers out there, but for fine jewelry, find something that has a soft fabric lining.

  3. Store Clean Jewelry in a Clean Location: This tip is for all jewelry but especially for costume, silver, and gold-filled jewelry. The last thing you want to do is store a green corroded piece of copper jewelry you got at a garage sale with your grandmother's prized locket.

  4. Use Hooks to Hang Necklaces: Most jewelry armoires have doors on either side that have hooks for hanging necklaces on. It is important that you keep your necklaces hung vertically to help prevent kinking and knotting.

  5. Store Your Diamonds and Gemstones Alone: Diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs Scale making it the hardest gemstone on the market. What that means is that diamonds are capable of scratching any material that ranks lower on the Mohs scale.

  6. Store Silver Jewelry in Cotton or Felt Compartments: The most important consideration when trying to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing is keeping the jewelry dry and away from other tarnishing jewelry.

  7. Store Fine Jewelry in a Safe Location: Sometimes, it is hard to store your jewelry to prevent damage and also prevent theft. On the one hand, you want to store your jewelry in an appropriate, dry, organized place, but on the other, you want it hidden in a secure safe.