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PT950 Platinum Jewellery

PT950 or Platinum 950 refers to 950 parts per thousand of pure platinum. This is a rare and precious metal known for its strength and brilliance. It is an excellent choice for fine jewellery, making it a perfect setting to showcase precious stones.

Platinum is the natural choice for milestone jewellery, such as enagement rings and wedding bands. Its silver and lustrous colour brings out the vibrance of diamonds and other gemstones. Its durability also makes it less likely that the platinum prongs will dislodge the precious stones.

Unlike white gold which can change colour depending the alloy used, platinum retains its silver colour and will never need re-plating. It also does not tarnish. It is a chemically resistant metal – resistant to corrosion and high temperature.

Given its high density, platinum is suitable for those who appreciate the feel of a weightier piece of jewellery. Plantinum contains a higher concentration of its elemental metal compared to gold alloys that are used in jewellery. For instance, 14K gold jewellery pieces only contain 58.5% gold and 18K gold jewellery pieces only contain 75% gold. However, platinum jewellery is either 90% or 95% pure platinum. Platinum has the special property of being natuallry durable yet malleable. Hence, it only needs to be mixed with a very small amount of other metals to create an alloy that can be shaped into fine jewellery.

Platinum jewellery pieces have a purity stamp as required by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As a guarantee, our platinum jewelleries are marked PT950, 950, PLAT or PLATINUM to mean that it is at least 95% pure platinum. The other common metals that comprise the remaining 5% are iridium, ruthenium or cobalt.

Another popular platinum alloy contains 900 parts per thousand of pure platinum. The stamp for this particular alloy, as stated by FTC guidelines, is PT900.

At Heart to Heart Jewellery, we recommend using platinum for wedding bands because of its durability and refined beauty. Make lasting memories with our spectacular platinum jewellery pieces.

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